What To Cook To Make The House Smell Good – 10 Ideas

If you want your house to smell nice with food and make it feel like home, then cooking is the way to go! Using the right ingredients such as aromatic herbs or good-smelling spices, you can effectively stop kitchen odors and replace them with inviting aroma. The only challenge is deciding what to cook to make the house smell good, so here I give you 10 cool tips!

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon is one of the most popular aromas used in fall/winter air fresheners with good reason; adding it to a crockpot potpourri or baking something that contains cinnamon can instantly bring a warm scent into your house.

freshly baked cinnamon rolls

Whenever you are craving something sweet and would like to create a cozy atmosphere in your home, bake cinnamon rolls. Prepare them yourself or buy from a store, your house sure will smell like heaven!

Gingerbread cookies

Similar to cinnamon, gingerbread cookies smell fantastic and taste terrific. If you make a batch of them and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour, you can enjoy a spicy yet sweet aroma lingering in your house that will help to remove cooking smells left there from frying fish or cutting an onion.

gingerbread cookies out of the oven

However it is typical holiday goodness, don’t let the fact that you are ‘out of season’ hold you back from preparing gingerbread cookies! Trust me, whenever you feel that there is a foul odor in your kitchen, making these good-smelling sweet bites will help!


Pancake is a very delicious and filling breakfast option that also makes the house smell amazing! It is simple to prepare and can be eaten with various toppings, so everyone will sure enjoy it. Just make sure to use a non-stick frying pan so you don’t need to use a lot of oil that could result in bad smells.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies remind most people of home and bring back good childhood memories. They are an excellent treat for after dinner, so when you have a family gathering next time, why not bake up a batch so you can all sit back and enjoy together?

chocolate chip cookies

You can even add other ingredients such as nuts or oatmeal to change things up! The simplest recipes can be made from scratch in less than 30 minutes, but if you wish to achieve a toffee-like flavor and smell, let the dough rest overnight!


If you are a coffee fan like me, you must agree that there is nothing better than the aroma of fresh coffee throughout your home. Brewing coffee in the kitchen releases a nutty, caramelized smell, and if you add some sugar, it will make the whole house smell like a dessert!

fresh coffee smell

In my opinion, the coffee smell must be part of the morning routine, but it’s also perfect to have when you’re feeling sluggish and want to curl up on the sofa and read a book. If you are a non-coffee drinker, get some coffee-scented candles to enjoy this energizing aroma!

Roasted chicken

People associate chicken with home, hearth, and family because for many centuries, it’s been used in cooking. If you make a roast chicken in the oven topped with aromatic herbs from your kitchen garden, it makes the whole house smell like Sunday lunch and creates a cozy ambience so you can spend an intimate afternoon with your family.

roasted chicken with herbs

If there are kids in your clan, you’ll probably have to prepare fried chicken with French fries too, that don’t smell that good. To get rid of the grease smell quickly, keep some cooking odor exterminator candles in the kitchen your day won’t be ruined by strong food smells!

Barbeque food

Everyone loves a good barbeque in the summer, and all that cooking on the grill makes the house smell unique. Chicken skewers, steak, and grilled veggies all make for a delicious meal, plus they release aromas that will have your guests salivating before they even sit down!

chicken skewers and grilled vegetables

If you don’t want to go out and heat up the grill (or don’t have one), you can make BBQ bites in your kitchen too by putting aluminum foil over the oven’s burners. This food option smells great while in the making, but the fantastic freshly grilled meat smell can easily turn into an oily odor. Therefore, I recommend investing in a quality kitchen air purifier that will remove the burnt, greasy odor.

Lemon bars

Boiling lemons for smell is an excellent way of getting rid of bad odors and creating nice smells in your kitchen, and so is baking something that has lemon among the ingredients! My favorite quick-smell-fix is making lemon bars that release a nice aroma even while preparing and when in the oven. The wonderful lemony scent will spread everywhere and bring a brighter tinge to even the dreariest winter day.

lemon bars with raspberries

They are a lot easier to make than some other desserts on the list, so they may be a good place to start if you are new to baking. Here is an easy lemon bar recipe that worked wonderfully for me. For decoration, use strawberries and raspberries so the bars will not only smell fantastic but also look tempting!


Mint is a delicious way to add flavor to dishes, and it also makes the house smell fresh and clean. However, no cooking is involved in this option, but if you want to add some minty-ness to your home, then open a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream! Should you prefer a refreshing drink, prepare a delicious mojito adding fresh mint!

Apple pie

If you want food that makes the house smell amazing after cooking something with a strong aroma, baking an apple pie is always a good idea! It may be a more advanced dish to make, but it’s not too difficult if you have a good recipe and follow it carefully. Don’t forget to add a little vanilla too for an even more warm and mouthwatering aroma!

freshly baked apple pie

These are just ten different food ideas that you can cook and prepare at home to make the house smell amazing. You don’t have to bake all of these at once, but it’s a good variety to have available so you can choose depending on your mood! Also, if baking isn’t your thing (or you don’t feel like getting out flour and sugar), many ready-made treats are sold in stores. Let’s create some good food smells in the house!

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