Spray for Toilet before You Poop – Which one to buy?

Avoiding foul bathroom odors has never been easier with before-you-go toilet sprays. Spritzing the spray directly into the toilet bowl creates a barrier that traps stinky smells and while doing your business the essential oils within the film get activated releasing a pleasant scent. Get the best spray for toilet before you poop, this is the simplest way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all the time!


Poo-Pourri is the original and still most popular, most effective pre-poop spray. They offer a wide range of non-synthetic scents for any occasion. Most sprays are offered in three different sizes – four ounces (200 uses), two ounces (100 uses), or ten millilitres (20 uses). Their adorable sets include quirky names and descriptions for a gift that’s both useful and unique.

Before-You-go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray

  • original citrus scent with uplifting lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass aroma
  • non-toxic natural essential oil blend
  • US made, scientifically tested formula that guarantees no one else will ever know that you used the toilet

You can never go wrong with the original citrus scent, but it is worth to try their extra strength sprays to mask the smell of larger loads, or get the Poo-Pourri travel set for the times you’re out and about. Extend the life of your Poo-Pourri spray with a 16-ounce bottle refill good for up to 800 uses!

Tip: read my complete bathroom fragrances guide for pro tips on scenting and cleaning!

Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop

With over 75 years in the air freshener business, Air Wick is a brand you can count on. The Air Wick V.I.P. Pre-Poop spray is available in six different scents, from the classic “Fresh Model” to a sweet “Fruity Pin-Up.” Shake well and spray directly into the toilet bowl 3-5 times to activate a lovely fragrance.

Before-You-go Toilet Spray

Air Wick VIPoo Spray

  • pleasant essential oil fragrance
  • creates a layer that traps bad odors in the bowl before they can escape
  • perfect to use at home or on the go

Its compact size makes it ideal for travel and boasts up to 300 sprays per bottle (about 100 uses). Airwick’s “Odor Free Guarantee” ensures a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Squatty Potty Pootanicals

The makers of Squatty Potty know a thing or two about pooping. This poop spray for toilet turns “foul into fragrant” with just a few spritzes. Choose from one of their three signature scents for a truly scent-ual experience – lavender vanilla, cherry blossom or lemon drop.

Toilet Spray

Squatty Potty Pootanicals Toilet Spray

  • non-toxic pure essential oil poop spray
  • with carefully designed labels with nothing but painting on the back so you can showcase the bottle in your home
  • sewer and septic safe, never tested on animals

For little money you’ll receive a bottle with around 200 uses, equivalent to about a month of pooping. Pootanicals is certainly one of best pre-poop sprays that is made in the United States with non-toxic ingredients, and never tested on animals.

JUST A DROP – Before-You-Go Toilet Eliminator

Just A Drop spray for toilet before you poop ensures that drops are “100% incognito.” Only one to two drops are needed to leave behind a light scent instead of an overly floral or otherwise non-discreet fragrance.

Toilet Odor Eliminator

JUST A DROP Toilet Odor Eliminator

  • 100% incognito spray
  • the greenest and most effective, safe for plumbing and septic
  • perfect toilet-top size, lasts up to 300 uses

Endorsed by The Dr. Oz Show, Howard Stern and The Doctors, Just A Drop is one of the ebst and most popular poop sprays you can get. Choose from two scents, eucalyptus or refreshing spring, to trap odors before you go. The 0.5-ounce bottle is the perfect size for on the go emergencies and lasts up to 300 uses.

OneDrop Before-You-Go Toilet Drops

Available in both a mint and floral scent, the name of this spray for toilet before you poop says it all! You’ll only need one drop of this powerful poo spray to eliminate bathroom odors before they begin.

Toilet Odor Eliminator

One-Drop Bathroom Deodorizer

  • small size, perfect for traveling too
  • up to 300 uses per bottle
  • floral or mint scent

Portable and pocket-sized, this product is perfect for travel or a drawer at the office. For only a few dollars, you’ll receive a bottle that contains about 700 drops!

DIY Toilet Spray

Forgot a trip to the store or an online shopping spree and experience the wonders of before-you-go toilet spray with this DIY recipe! Follow the instructions below to create a homemade Poo Pourri with witch hazel. You’ll just need a funnel, a four-ounce spray bottle, witch hazel, vegetable glycerine, and essential oils.

  • 1: Pour 1/3 cup of witch hazel into your spray bottle using the funnel.
  • 2: Add two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin.
  • 3: Add 25-30 drops of your favorite essential oils. Citrus scents, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and rosemary work well, but feel free to use any scent you like, the variations are endless!
  • 4: Shake well, add a label if desired, and your homemade poop spray is ready to use!

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