Popular Romantic Bedroom Scents To Set The Mood For The Night

The bedroom is your most private space to spend intimate moments with your significant other, so it is important that it provides a comforting atmosphere. In addition to soft lighting, using aromas is the best way to spice up a date night. In the sections below, we’ll take a look at the most romantic scents for bedroom that will surely help set the mood!


Rose is a classic aroma that evokes good memories, can bring out positive vibes and is an excellent choice for those who want to create a calming, relaxed environment for a romantic night. Rose oil is extracted from the velvety petals of darker roses, usually from red and pink since such species feature that scent people associate with a typical rose aroma.

red roses on the bed

On the other hand, since red roses are the symbol of love, the atmosphere created by this strong floral scent will help couples to feel happy together. Scenting your bedroom burning a rose-scented candle or diffusing rose essential oil will surely help set the mood for a romantic date night!


The sensual aroma of vanilla is perfect to bring intimacy into your bedroom. Popular in different forms, particularly in scented candles and room sprays, this exotic sweet scent has been widely used worldwide to create an intimate experience for love birds.

Luxury Soy Vanilla Candle

96NORTH Luxury Soy Vanilla Candle

  • 100% soy wax, premium cotton wicks luxury candle
  • features a lush blend of rich Madagascar Vanilla, fresh cream, and a hint of bourbon – an exotic, upscale take on a much-loved classic scent
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Smelling vanilla aroma has a calming effect on the mind and helps relieve anxiety, probably because vanilla-based fragrances evoke pleasant childhood memories. This comforting effect makes it a perfect choice when you want to de-stress so you can fully focus on your partner.


The oil harvested from India-originated sandalwood trees makes an appearance in many home scenting products, body care items, and personal fragrances. This creamy and warm aroma that is often associated with seduction promotes a sensation of harmony and tranquillity and like this, it helps create the right atmosphere for an intimate night in.

Rose and Sandalwood Fragrance Diffuser

Relaxing Rose and Sandalwood Fragrance Diffuser

  • 100% pure essential oil reed diffuser, containing absolutely no base or fillers
  • perfect aroma to relieve stress, soothes the mind and brings balance and harmony
  • with rattan oil diffuser sticks in an elegant charcoal glass vase

Inhaling specific scents can help release endorphins in the body naturally and sandalwood is a fine example of such aromas. The exotic, woody smell positively changes the mood and lowers the level of stress and anxiety so you will feel more present with your loved one.


Obtained from the roots of a fragrant bunchgrass, vetiver is a strong, leathery and earthy aroma and is considered a manly scent. It gives a sexy smoky vibe and creates an ambience that feels calming but sensual at the same time.

vetiver fragrant grass

Besides, it is also a relaxing bedroom scent that evaporates stress and anxiety so is suitable for creating a peaceful environment conducive to romance. Mix a few drops of vetiver essential oil with purified or distilled water in a glass spray bottle and spray it onto your bedding and pillows, or even into the air for a while you are getting ready to go to bed. The scent will linger long after you turn off the lights, so you can drift off to sleep with a smile on your face.


To make your bedroom feel warm and comforting, make it smell like amber! Actually, amber is not an actual scent rather a combination of aromas such as labdanum (the resin of a rockrose tree species) and benzoin with a touch of vanilla.

Amber and Bergamot Poured Scented Candle

Trapp Ambiance Collection Amber and Bergamot Poured Scented Candle

  • clean-burning soy blend wax candle with cotton/paper, zinc-free wicks
  • smooth, velvety combination of aromatic bergamot and the sultriness of amber
  • versatile, classic and fit beautifully into any decor

These exotic ingredients smell fantastic even one by one, but together they create an extremely sensuous bedroom scent that will definitely set the mood for your next get-together. However, in perfumes and home fragrance products, amber is rarely used alone. It makes an excellent base note to be topped with other scents to create fragrances suited to many tastes. It pairs very well with citrusy and floral aromas that add a lighter edge to the scent.


In order to create an intimate atmosphere, it is crucial that your house is clean and tidy. Odors, such as musty smell in the bedroom break the romance instantly, but what should you do if there is stagnant air in your room because of poor ventillation? Using strong air fresheners is not a solution in such cases, because you need to eliminate odors not just cover them up.

My recommendation is to air the room well before your date night and scent it lightly choosing an aroma that has odor removing properties but still smells pleasant, such as bamboo.

Black Bamboo Large Glass Apothecary Jar Scented Candle

Village Candle Black Bamboo Large Glass Apothecary Jar Scented Candle

  • pure, rich, intensely black-colored food-grade paraffin wax candle fragranced by the world’s finest scented oils
  • the mysterious aroma of lotus flowers, fresh bamboo, and cedar create
  • pioneered dual wick technology for a greater, consistent fragrance release, longer burn time, and less soot

For a bedroom that needs a little refreshment, this black bamboo candle is brilliant. Its mysterious fragrance will act as an air purifier and help eliminate smoke odors and other unpleasant smells while leaving a not too strong, masculine aroma behind. Such a great choice for lovemaking!


Lotus is a very symbolist flower that represents spiritual enlightenment in eastern religions. This aquatic plant is often associated with beauty and rebirth since even when its roots are in mudy waters, it brings flowers that not only look beautiful but also smell fantastic.

pink lotus flower in bloom

Lotus has an intoxicating, sweet smell that it still feels green and earthy due to its floral-fruity tones. This rich fragrance provides peacefulness and increases the feeling of tranquility. To create a relaxing mood and cool the nerve system before a rendezvous, lotus is the best bedroom fragrance for romance!


Jasmine essential oil is widely used in perfumes and massage oils because it is exotic and a bit intoxicating. This rich and intense, sweet scent can stand alone as a sensuous bedroom fragrance but blends well with other floral aromas too.

jasmine flowers

In aromatherapy, jasmine oil can be used to soothe fatigue, calm nerves, and help the body to unwind. Moreover, it is an aphrodisiac and can heighten desire. People find this scent very suitable for creating feelings of comfort and warmth that makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for romantic scents for the bedroom.


If you think of an aroma associated with seduction, patchouli is the perfect scent. It is sweet and sexy without being overpowering, It is used in so many different products, including candles, cosmetics, and perfumes, and is one of the best romantic scents for the bedroom for a romantic night in for two.

Room and Body Spray

Zum Mist Room and Body Spray

  • room and body spray that smells good on your body and clothes or in your house
  • uplifting mind-altering earthy-musky patchouli scent
  • made with high-quality, vegetarian ingredients

It creates a richly pleasurable mood that helps you relax before lovemaking. Its earthy tones help clear the mind while the woodsy base creates a comforting atmosphere. Moreover, patchouli is said to be an aphrodisiac to heighten passion between couples by arousing desires. To spice up your bedroom, give patchouli a try!

The choice is as wide as your imagination when it comes to aromas for intimacy. The best bedroom scents for a romantic night should create a sensuous atmosphere, however, they should be mild and not too overpowering and blend well with the environment avoiding creating an unpleasant smell that may detract from the whole experience. This list includes fine examples from all scent families; choose whichever smell you personally find the most romantic!

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