My House Smells Like Deep Fryer – How To Get Rid Of Fried Food Odor

Fried food is yummy, isn’t it? French fries, onion rings, and other crispy treats are ours to enjoy, thanks to the help of an innovative kitchen tool called the deep fryer. As much as we love such delicious bites, honestly, the burnt grease smell that wafts throughout the house is not very pleasant. When I experienced that my house smells like deep fryer even after I have finished cooking, I started to look for simple and effective ways of eliminating the grease smell that clings to hair, clothes, and fabrics. Read on for my top tips on how to get the smell of frying out of your kitchen and freshen up your living space once and for all.

Invest in an air purifier

There are several ways to eliminate cooking odors and freshen up your home after preparing fried food. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to open up some windows and allow fresh air to circulate through the house, but if you use a purifying device in your kitchen, you can speed up the process of sweeping unwanted smells out. Use before, during, and after cooking, and you’ll be breathing clean in no time.

Use odor-neutralizing candles

Choose your scent and create some ambiance in your home at the same time! Get a few candles for kitchen odors that will quickly soak up heavy, greasy odors. You can go for an unscented version if you just want to neutralize stale cooking smells or get a fragranced one that will also permeate your house with a delicious aroma.

candle on wooden table in the kitchen

Pumpkin spice, clean linen, and orange balsam fir are just a few of those delightful scents that boast odor-combatting essential oils to make your kitchen smell amazing. Pick an aroma to your liking and forget about that unpleasant grease smell!

Put baking soda and vinegar around the kitchen

Putting bowls of baking soda or vinegar and water around your kitchen will allow odors to be absorbed almost effortlessly, leaving your kitchen smelling clean and nice. Position in places where they won’t get easily knocked down by pets or children, and you’ll experience a fresher essence in no time.

Combat odors with nice smells

There are several delicious scents that you can use to make your kitchen smell amazing while eliminating offensive odors. Bake something good smelling, like aromatic cookies, or boil cinnamon and water on the stovetop to give the impression that your culinary skills are in full force. In no time, delicious aromas will replace the stale grease smell!

baking cookies to make the house smell nice

Consider an odorless fryer

If you can’t give up on those delicious crispy fries, chicken, and onion rings, there are new innovations in frying that bring cleaner cooking to your home. While there is no deep fryer that doesn’t smell at all, you can achieve great results with the T-Fal Odorless Deep Fryer. It has an active filtration system designed to reduce cooking odors up to 74% so you can enjoy delicious fried foods with less smell!

Alternatively, you can get an air fryer too that can deliver you almost the same flavor and texture as a deep fryer. It works with just a couple drops of oil, circulating moistened air around food much like a convection oven, resulting in even cooking and delicious crispness that contains fewer calories, less fat and consequently, less smell!

COSORI Air Fryer Max

COSORI Air Fryer Max

  • large capacity premium air fryer featuring 7 one-touch cooking functions
  • uses up to 97% less oil than traditional deep-frying methods while maintaining the same delicious taste

Air frying is as close as we have come to having an odorless deep fryer and many health-conscious individuals seek out this technology as part of committing to a healthier lifestyle. Do yourself a favor and try it!

Use your exhaust fan or cooker hood

Exhaust fans and cooker hoods have been installed in kitchens for decades. Their primary function is to circulate air and whisk away strong cooking odors as well as extra moisture that could damage surfaces in and around your home. Invest in a powerful one and clean/change its filters regularly and your house will never smell like grease again!

stainless steel cooker hood in the kitchen

Use some stovetop magic

Until we figure out how to deep fry without smell, why not use the magic of fruits and good-smelling spices to jazz up indoor air? Make a stovetop potpourri with lemon and thyme mixed with seasonal additions and let the a pleasing aroma fill your kitchen while removing strong odors that linger.

Tip: Growing fragrant herbs indoors is another brilliant idea to freshen up your space!

Clean up promptly

The culprit of many bad smells in the kitchen is a pile of dirty dishes. Stale oil, slimy dishes and cookware release not only bad odors, but potentially harmful bacteria into the air. Clean up as soon as possible to avoid stale circulation that can really add up over time resulting in very unpleasant aromas. For the best cleaning results, make sure to use sponges that don’t smell and non-stinky dishcloths!

Isolate odors

If you have doors that you can close off to isolate kitchen odors, do so before you start cooking. Keep these doors closed as you clean up and deodorize, and you’ll be less likely to have it waft into your bedroom after mealtime.

My house smells like deep fryer… and now I know what to do!
Following these simple tips and strategies for cleaning up the grease smell in your home will result in fresher scents before and after cooking, no matter how much-fried bites you enjoy each week. Use one, use many. Find your favorites and look forward to delicious food and fresh air year-round!

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