List Of Scents And Their Effects – How Aromas Can Benefit Your Well-Being

Scents are crucial in determining our mood and feelings, triggering memories, and even encouraging empathy. Emotional and physiological effects of fragrances are widespread; certain ones are energizing and uplifting, while others help to relax and unwind. With that fact in mind that different aromas affect our mood in different ways, it is important to know more about the scents and their meanings to be able to choose the right ones that will support your aromatherapy goals the most. Study this list of scents and their effects that introduces 25 basic aromas and explains how they affect the body and mind.


This lovely, delicate, and essential aroma can be obtained from rose flowers. As one of the most symbolic scents, it is usually associated with lovemaking and is one of the most popular notes of romantic fragrances, but it also has a soothing effect.

fresh cut pink roses

The smell of roses can help you get rid of stress; if you don’t have the opportunity to have freshly cut flowers in your home, just light a rose-scented candle or diffuse rose essential oil whenever you feel overwhelmed.


The woodsy aroma of rosemary can help you be alert and have increased mental power. Many ancient cultures such as Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans have used rosemary oil in their medicine because of its headache relief and concentration aid benefits.

Rosemary with flowers

Infuse your room with rosemary aroma while studying or working! It will make you feel focused, enhance your memory, and improve concentration.

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Clary sage

Clary sage has an earthy and herbaceous aroma with strong emotional effects. It can boost self-esteem and mental strength, help to combat fatigue, and to deal with stress and anxiety.

purple clary sage flower

Home scenting products with clary sage fragrance can instantly improve your mood, make you feel relaxed and happy, but it is said that this aroma has aphrodisiac properties too.


Lavender is the most popular and longest used scent in aromatherapy because of its calming effect. It is proven to help people relax and sleep better.

lavender field

Also, lavender is beneficial to prevent nausea and help with motion sickness, so take an essential oil roller with you if the stress of traveling makes your tummy upset. The stimulating and tonic olfactory properties will help fight against any discomfort!


The sweet, herbal scent of chamomile is associated with happy days and lovely memories. Thus, it can help you calm down and reduce anxiety, and depression. It is also a good treatment for insomnia, to improve your mood, stay focused, have a peaceful demeanor, and feel calm.

chamomile flowers on white table

The essential oils taken from chamomile flowers are also used as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving agent.


The warm aroma of vanilla is known to be very attractive, yet not overpowering. Because of its comforting properties, it is an excellent choice when you want to feel more confident than usual.

vanilla scented soy candle

Also, it affects your attitude and overall positivity in life, not to mention that scenting your home with vanilla fragranced products makes your whole house smell like cookies without the hassle and mess of baking!


Another excellent fragrance for romantic moments is chocolate which can help to set to mood for an intimate evening with your partner. This rich, sweet smell evokes an instant rush of euphoric feelings making every person feel like they are in a love movie.

chocolate pieces


The energizing smell of peppermint can make you feel awake and alert. It is a prevalent aroma found in many body care items because of its antiseptic and toning properties, but this refreshing scent will also help to calm the mind so you can focus better. If you want to feel energized for the day ahead, boost yourself with the peppermint aroma!

peppermint plant


Smell the sunshine! Probably this short sentence describes how orange aroma affects your mind and body. This cheerful, fruity fragrance makes people feel happier and enhances feelings of well-being.

sliced orange

And the best is, that you can achieve various benefits when paired with other aromas! Mixed with other fresh scents, such as bergamot or lemon it will increase your energy levels, while when added some warm tones to the beautiful smell of juicy oranges, such as cinnamon, vanilla, or clove, the result will be a comforting fragrance that is perfect to create ambience for a cozy day at home when it is cold outside.

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Eucalyptus can help keep your health in check. It is a powerful defense against respiratory tract infections and has been used to mitigate coughs, headaches, and sinus issues.

eucalyptus leaves against white background

The minty scent of eucalyptus has a calming, soothing effect on the mind while refreshing the body. It stimulates the senses and helps to relax, but it does not make you feel sleepy, therefore it is often used in spas.

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A typical summer fragrance that makes everyone happy! Peach has a sensual, sweet aroma with fresh, sour undertones resulting in a fantastic, inspiring aroma that will sure increase your happiness in general and make you feel confident and peaceful at the same time. This lively and vibrant scent can instantly put everyone in vacation mode!

fresh peaches cut in half


With floral, spicy notes, bergamot has a notable, masculine aroma. Bergamot is the herb used in Earl Grey tea, therefore its aroma is familiar to many people without knowing that what they smell is actually bergamot.

person holding bergamot fruits

Regarding its aromatherapy effects, unlike most citrus oils, the scent of bergamot does not have energizing benefits but promotes calmness. Therefore, it is excellent to use before bedtime to prepare the body and mind for sleep.

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The musky-woody aroma of patchouli is popular in aromatherapy because it helps to relieve depression and can drive away feelings of sadness. Besides promoting happiness, it also affects the pheromones in human beings and like this, helps to overcome shyness, feel more attractive, confident and outgoing.


Sandalwood is known for its fragrant woody notes; therefore, it is used in various home scenting and body care products as well as in perfumery. The sweet, warm smell can mollify the senses, improve the mood and make you feel happier.

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Since ancient times, it has been also used as an effective remedy against insomnia. If you have sleeping disorders, light a sandalwood scented candle or rub sandalwood oil into your wrists!


An exotic, rich, and sensual scent that is associated with love and considered an aphrodisiac in Hindu and Muslim cultures. It relaxes the body which is beneficial when engaging in intimacy.

Bunch of White jasmine Flowers Blooming

Jasmine’s aromatherapy benefits are excellent for alleviating depressive symptoms and for improving mental health too: inhaling this sweet, floral fragrance lifts the spirits and gives an energy boost so you can be more alert and ready to take on the day!


If walking in the woods is the only activity that calms your mind when you feel under pressure, bringing aromas that belong to the woody scent family into your home will help soothe the soul even when you don’t have time to go outdoors.

cedarwood candle in large glass bowl

The balsamic, little camphoraceous, therefore manly scent of cedarwood is a perfect example of this! It has a calming influence on the mind and body so helps to reduce anxiety when you are stressed out or worried.

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Ylang ylang

This aromatic essential oil is made via steam distillation from flowers found in countries in the Indian Ocean. It is a popular ingredient in cosmetic products thanks to its pleasant, fruity-flowery aroma. Studies found that when inhaled, Ylang ylang reduces anxiety and can boost self-esteem so you feel more confident during the day.

Ylang-ylang flower


Vetiver scent is produced by tropical grass, closely related to other fragrant grasses such as citronella or lemongrass. The scent is known to be invigorating and comforting at the same time.

vetiver and lemons

This can help you feel fresh, so it is perfect to use in the morning to banish fatigue and boost energy. However, this aroma is earthy and woody, therefore more suitable for men than women.

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Made from the aromatic resin of small trees native to the Middle East and Northern Africa, the earthy, warm-smelling myrrh oil has several benefits. Studies suggest that it is antimicrobial so can help kill bacteria and viruses, but this slightly medicinal aroma is also effective against headache and promotes better sleep at night.



Known for its uplifting and refreshing properties, citronella essential oil that is is derived from the fragrant grass of the Cymbopogon genus- promotes good mood. Therefore, this long-lasting lemony aroma can make you feel more positive, happy and helps to overcome anxiety associated with depression.


Extracted from the bark of the cinnamon tree, cinnamon is commonly used in many types of foods, such as candies and baked goods. Beyond its use in cooking, it has medicinal properties too. This musky scent is said to have a warming, energizing effect; inhaling cinnamon aroma helps to concentrate and perform better.

cinnamon sticks curled intro rolls


Whenever you feel anxiety or just generally under pressure, lemongrass is an excellent aroma to choose to calm the nerves while boosting energy level. This scent, which is made from the leaves of lemongrass, smells so fresh that it instantly overpowers the feelings of nervousness and helps to think clearly again.

lemongrass and lemongrass oil


If you love starting your day with energizing aromas whether it is lighting a scented candle or diffusing essential oils, make sure to include grapefruit smell in your morning routine!

slices of grapefruit

This summery scent has an energizing effect that can put a smile on your face and make you feel instantly happier and more positive. Moreover, the sharp, aromatic, herbaceous aroma can also help mitigate stress and reduce the feeling of depression.

Classic Grapefruit Candle

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Clove is associated with holidays dishes such as pumpkin pie and drinks like mulled wine, but this spicy, warm aroma is beneficial not only around Christmas but year-round. It is excellent to use in the morning to help take charge of your day since it has energizing benefits. It also helps to get a positive mindset so you can accomplish your goals.

close up shot of cloves


Extracted from the resin of the frankincense tree, frankincense essential oil offers a natural way to reduce depression and enhance mood. The scent is woody, with spicy and warm tones.

frankincense resin

Known from ancient times but still popular, when inhaled through steam or while a bath, it also can positively affect the respiratory system by clearing the airways. People who like intense, earthy aromas can effectively use frankincense to support overall well-being.

This list of scents outlines the most popular aromas we commonly encounter when choosing fragranced products to make the house smell amazing. As you have studied this scent list with descriptions, you learned that your well-being can be facilitated by aromas and home fragrances can help to relax, relieve stress, calm the mood but also to boost energy or increase productivity. Use the power of scents to influence mood quickly and easily!

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