Why Is Lavender Scent Good For Sleep & What Products To Choose

For a relaxing bedroom scent, lavender is often used. Though this essential oil is widely known as an effective natural remedy to reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep, this soothing aroma has other benefits that you might not be aware of. To learn why lavender scent for the bedroom is an excellent choice and what products you should use to create your own paradise where you can unwind, this article will guide you!

Benefits of Lavender Scent for Sleep

Lavender is an herb that has been used in aromatherapy for a long time. Its delicate, soft, powdery aroma will not only make your bedroom smell amazing but promotes a relaxed and meditative state. To understand lavender scent benefits for sleeping, we shall investigate its therapeutic properties.

It is an effective sleep aid

This scent’s relaxing scent encourages feelings of calmness and serenity, allowing you to unwind and sleep better. For centuries, people have been using lavender flowers and essential oil to induce sleep or alleviate insomnia.

lavender flower in white ceramic vase

Lavender essential oil is known to possess relaxing and sedative properties that help you fall asleep faster. It is believed to help relax muscles, thus aiding relaxation and sleep.

Calms the body and mind

The soft, calming scent of lavender is often used to help induce a feeling of relaxation. Its aromatherapy use has positive effects on the nervous system, and may help increase the body’s own production of hormones which are responsible for deep, restful sleep, therefore it is one the most popular relaxing bedroom scents.

woman smelling fresh lavenders

It is also known that the use of lavender essential oil on the skin or inhaled can help relieve anxiety, reduce nervousness and agitation. It may help reduce feelings of stress, tension by promoting feelings of calmness and serenity.

Purifies the air

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it helps achieve better air quality in your home. When your bedroom smells musty, using lavender essential oil containing (diffused or sprayed) products will eliminate airborne irritants, bacteria and fungi providing you with cleaner air so you can have a better rest.

Best Lavender Scented Products for Bedroom

To enjoy the wonderful benefits you can achieve using lavender scented products, here are a variety of choices to fragrance the air in your bedroom and use on skin before bedtime:

Lavender scented candle

Lighting a lavender candle is always a good decision when you want to calm the mind and relax the body. With warm light and calming fragrance, it will make your bedroom not only nice smelling, but also comforting.

Lavender Aromatherapy Candles

Lavender Aromatherapy Candles

  • relaxing aromatherapy candle can be used for insomnia, meditation
  • made using soy wax and the finest lavender fragrances
  • in beautiful frosted jar designed to compliment any home decor

This aromatherapy bedroom candle is made of soy wax, lead-free cotton wick and high-quality fragrance oils. Not only does it create a relaxing atmosphere, but it also burns evenly and cleanly for hours on end.

Reed diffuser set

Hectic work and everyday life problems significantly affect our mood so we all just want to lie down and unwind when finally at home. To reduce stress, place this lavender aromatherapy oil reed diffuser into your bedroom so its soothing aroma can help switch off your mind by promoting feelings of serenity and calmness.

Cocodor Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser

Cocodor Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser

  • signature reed diffuser with dried mist flowers
  • natural herbal fragrance of lavender to bring relaxation to both the mind and body
  • a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays or Mother’s day

This lavender reed diffuser is not only fantastic smelling but also beautiful to look at with real preserved flowers as an extra décor element. To use it, just put the reeds into the bottle, which will diffuse the scent throughout your room and provide a soothing lavender scent so it will help you calm down whenever you relax in your bedroom.

Lavender pillow spray

To enjoy this wonderful aroma help you fall asleep, there is no better way than using a lavender scented pillow spray. Containing pure and natural lavender oil and formulated to last up to 8 hours, it will make your pillows and bedding smell nice the entire night. Incorporate this spray into your nightly routine so you won’t need to bear with long, sleepless nights anymore!

Lavender Pillow Spray

2lifehealth Lavender Pillow Spray

  • natural bed linen mist with essential oil for relaxation
  • helps calm your mind and body so you can have a deeper, uninterrupted sleep
  • mist formula; lasts up to 8 hours, so your pillows and sheets smell nice the entire night

Room spray

To create an amazing fragrance before bedtime, a lavender room spray for sleep is the best way to go. This concentrated spray is made with pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil to create a calm atmosphere to unwind and relax.

Lavender Room Spray

Lavender Room Spray

  • 100% plant-based lavender oil concentrated room spray
  • emotionally balancing aroma for stress relief, relaxation, and deep sleep
  • help neutralizer odors too on sheets, yoga mats, soft furniture, curtains, carpets and mattresses

With just a couple of sprays, you can naturally freshen the air, but you can also use it on linens and also on soft furnishings like sofas, carpets and curtains when you feel your bedroom smells sour. It has been rated highly by many users for its effectiveness, so why don’t you try it yourself?!

Plant Therapy essential oil

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of lavender scent is using essential oils. Applied on the skin or diffused, it calms both the body and mind, help relieve anxiety and headache.

Lavender Essential Oil

Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

  • 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade
  • diffuse a few drops at night to create a warm, calm atmosphere that is perfect for sleeping and relaxation
  • when diluted, it can help with skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and chapped lips and can be used as a natural hair tonic to battle itchy dandruff

The best lavender essential oils for sleep are the ones that contain only pure Lavandula Angustifolia oil. If you want to create a restful bedroom for a good night’s sleep, the Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil is an ideal product that is 100% natural.

Jergens body butter and hand lotion

This lavender scented Body Butter is an excellent choice to experience a restful mind and body. It is not only wonderfully smelling, but the rich natural formulation with cocoa, shea and mango butter helps get rid of stress while providing hydration and strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Lavender Body Butter

Jergens Lavender Body Butter / Body and Hand Lotion

  • ultra-hydrating blend of Shea, Cocoa, and Mango butters to soften and deeply nourish the skin
  • featuring alluring essential oil to offer the perfect indulgence for your body and mind
  • non greasy, light yet rich formula

It is a great travel-sized lotion that can be applied anywhere and anytime! Whenever you need instant help to moisturize cracked skin or a relaxing moment of bliss for yourself, take a break with the Jergens Triple Butter Body Moisturizer!

With all these lavender-scented products, you can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Choose one or all, and let this wonderful aroma help with relaxation and improve the quality of your sleep!

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