How To Get Bad Smells Out Of Pots And Pans

Cookware can have a fish-like or burnt smell if exposed to specific oil and spray types for an extended period. Using oils that break down fast or cooking food with a strong odor often makes your pans smell bad. If you want to maintain a fresh scent in your kitchen, I tell you how to remove odor from pots and pans using natural cleaning solutions so they will look and smell like new again!

Cleaning with Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda with a newspaper makes an effective solution to get bad smells out of pans. Start by washing off food particles using a soft scrubber and water, then create a cleaning paste from sodium bicarbonate and water. Ensure you carefully mix the ingredients to get sticky spreadable stuff. Apply your paste to the cookware and cover it using paper materials.

baking soda to deodorize cookware

Allow the treatment to rest for approximately 120 minutes, and then use water and soap to clean it. If you consider this process lengthy, consider creating bicarbonate and clean water solutions to quickly clean off the smells and odors on your pans and pots right after you use them.

Scrubbing with Lemon and Salt

If your nonstick pan smells like chemicals or a frying pan smells like fish, one highly recommended way to get rid of those smells is by extracting juice from a lemon and mixing it with several spoons of table salt. Rust usually makes pots and pans have pretty unpleasant odors, but table salt and lemon juice can quickly remove the smell.

lemon and salt kitchen deodorizer

Pour table salt into the smelling pan or pot, and then sprinkle lemon juice on top. Allow them to sit for approximately two hours and then scrub them with a steel wool pad or the lemon rind. After doing a thorough cleaning using your preferred scrubber, you can rinse it off with clean water. Like this, you can easily deodorize your pots and pans and keep your kitchen smelling clean!

Boiling Vinegar in Them

Another effective way to remove odors from pots and pans –no matter if it’s that chemical-like new smell or a fishy odor after cooking- is vinegar. It contains acetic acid that easily bonds with volatile molecules and therefore can effectively banish odor from your kitchen.

I recommend you start by soaking your targeted kitchen cookware in white vinegar. Give it approximately 60 minutes to rest. After 60 minutes, you can rinse your cookware.

clean pots on the kitchen counter

In case the odor is really strong, you would require using juice extracted from a lemon. Measure the right amount of water with lemon juice or vinegar. You should afterward boil them with medium heat. Ensure they boil for approximately 20 minutes and then brush it off. You can use water and soap for rinsing the remaining smells.

Soaking in Hot Water

You also get rid of odors from your pans and pots by soaking them in hot water. Odors in these kitchen utensils can result when you use extremely high temperatures in food preparation, leaving food particles stuck on the bottom of the pans and pots.

Boiling water in pot

Any baked or caked food on the utensils will loosen by soaking the cookware in hot water for approximately 20 minutes. Once loose, you can quickly and easily clean them off by using soap and warm water.

Using Aluminum Foil

The last quite effective method of removing burnt smells from the cookware is using aluminum foil. Cleaning your kitchen cookware using aluminum foil is not easy and may take time, but if you trust the process, you will get fresh-smelling pots and pans after the exercise.

aluminum foil balls

Starting by filling the target cookware with warm water and then pouring dish soap into it. Allow them to soak for approximately 30 minutes. Cut a 12-by-12-inch aluminum foil sheet and then roll it to form a ball-like component. Scrub the burn parts thoroughly until they are shiny and attractive. Once you’re done, you have to clean the cookware then use dish soap before rinsing and drying.


Odors from your kitchen cookware can be pretty disgusting, especially when you want to prepare a meal. Some smells are pretty stubborn and may require more time and effort, but some are easy and quick to deal with. Try any of the provided deodorizing methods to see whether you can clean your cookware of those stubborn odors. You can devise other possible methods, but you are better off limiting your use of chemicals.

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