How to Clean a Bathroom Professionally – 10 Steps Guide

The bathroom is an essential utility room in a home. Therefore, a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is required to guarantee hygiene and safeguard the health of your family. Daily and weekly clean-ups are important to eliminate bad bathroom odors, but if you want to get rid of all germs and bacteria, you should learn how to clean a bathroom professionally. This guide teaches you the steps!

Declutter the bathroom

Bathroom accessories and cleaning products will come in the way while deep cleaning your bathroom. Before you kick off, remove any items on the shelves like soaps, gels, brushes, toothbrushes, and other cleaning items.

bathroom after deep cleaning

Put towels, curtains, floor mats, trash bins, and mops away from the room. While removing the items, you’ll get to access the extent of the work ahead. You’d also take the opportunity to highlight areas that require special detergents. Take note of the air quality; the observation will offer guidance on acquiring a bathroom air freshener. If you think this won’t be enough to solve the odor problem, you should consider getting a bathroom air purifier too.

Wipe the surfaces

Before you begin the deep cleaning process exercise, use a mop or a duster to wipe the surfaces. This step is important to remove dust, cobwebs, and other particles stuck on the walls. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to suck any particles on the floor. The process will eliminate hair, small particles, gravel, and other foreign objects that may be difficult to eliminate while mopping.

You could also inspect aeration vents for dust, cobwebs, and general cleanliness. Remember to wipe and dust the ceiling of the bathroom. Check and eliminate any dropping of insects and other small creatures found there.

Clean the shower ledges

Shower ledges, racks, and other fittings provide convenient spaces for soaps and other cleaning products. Frankly, we often ignore these areas, but when it’s about how to clean a bathroom professionally. We have to pay attention to them since they equally carry dirt and cause bad bathroom odors. Therefore, using soapy water and additional detergents, clean such surfaces thoroughly.

If the ledges are slightly beyond your height, step on something to enhance your reach. Remove stains from the ledges too. Soak the ledge with detergent or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and let it sink for 15 minutes. Finally, wipe with a towel to complete the process.

Wash the walls and the floor

The floor and wall surfaces form the largest portion of work while deep cleaning the bathroom. Walls made up of materials like tiles hide grime or dirt over and between the surfaces. A vinegar and baking soda bathroom cleaner can create a big difference here!

Mix a quarter cup of baking soda, 20 ml of liquid soap detergent, and vinegar to create a creamy solution. Use it with water while scrubbing the surfaces to eliminate dirt and stains. Starting with the walls is the most logical step and finishing off with the floor. Cleaning these surfaces will need a great amount of water and light to achieve the best result.

Clean the shower and bathtub

The shower and bathtub’s general condition and cleanliness have top priority. A dirty bathtub or shower with a mildew-smelling drain, for instance, can cause bathroom odors and pose health risks too. If these two parts are stained or dirty, use an effective all-purpose cleaner spray.

multi-surface cleaner

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Clean the surfaces at least twice to enhance the outcome. You can use natural cleaning solutions here too, the jolly-joker baking soda-vinegar combo can effectively eliminate grime, improve bathroom scent, and concurrently preserve the environment. Remember to also clean the shower rod, pan, strainer, pipes, and other accessories with soapy water.

Scrub and wipe the sinks

Bathroom sinks often attract dirt and stains from soap scams and toothpaste. The best is wiping off the sink every day with a clean cloth so dirt can’t build up, but like once a week, a deep cleaning is also needed when you scrub off all dirt and use a disinfectant to kill any germs or bacteria stuck on the surfaces. It is good to have a mini bathroom scrubber that will certainly make your deep cleaning process easier by effortlessly removing all stains and dirty spots!

Cordless bathroom scrubber

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In case the drain is smelly, pour hot water into it, followed by a cup of baking soda and vinegar. Then close the sink opening for 5-10 minutes and finally pour hot water again to completely unclog the drainage.

Disinfect the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is a delicate affair because it’s always required to be in its best condition. You’ll therefore need items like gloves, brush, sanitary wipes, and cleaning re-agents. Start by wiping the surfaces of the cistern with that can be a ready-to-use disinfectant solution or prepare natural one at home (tea tree oil is a great natural disinfectant).

disinfecting bathroom surfaces

After the above process, flush the toilet several times to verify the bowl is completely clean. To prevent the toilet water from getting smelly, put toilet bowl cleaning tablets regularly in the tank that will guarantee fresh smells by every flush! Finally, sanitize the lid thoroughly too. You can use a combination of bleach or soapy solution, but make sure to wear gloves.

Wash the curtains and floor mats

Curtains and bath mats attract dirt and form mold can form on them due to the constant moisture. Wash the mats as instructed on their labels, and put also the shower curtain into the washing machine. Yes, shower curtains can be washed in washing machine, just make sure to set up cold temperature. You’ll need to add gentle detergent liquid soap or baking soda, and remove it before the spin cycle, and hang back to dry.

grey bath floor mat

Tip: if you smell a musty odor in the bathroom, check out your towels because it can happen that they are responsible for the bad smells. If this is the case, learn how to stop towels from smelling.

Make the mirrors spotless

Regardless of how clean the bathroom is, dirty mirrors will still affect a job well done. Homeowners often opt for soapy water and wet cloth, which is one of the simplest yet most effective mirror cleaning solutions. Toothpaste spots and fingerprints are the hardest to remove, but rubbing alcohol dissolves them easily. Wet a cotton pad with the alcohol and wipe the spot with it as a pre-treat before wiping the whole mirror.

mirror in the bathroom with light above it

White vinegar and distilled water work great too! Mix them in a spray bottle and apply the solution to a microfiber cloth. Like this, you can easily get rid of all unwanted spots and avoid a cloudy surface

Rinse, wipe, and freshen

To achieve a 100% score on your job, as a final step, you’ll need to wipe the walls and surfaces with a slightly damp cloth. Also, the floor could be wet, which would need another round of drying using a mop.

A clean bathroom smells nice and fresh without using air fresheners too, but it is still advisable to place some fragrance products spray around after the clean-up that will not only maintain the air quality and freshness but also give the room a pleasant ambience.

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