Best essential oil for bathroom diffuser

Diffusing oils is one of the most effective ways when it comes to scenting your bathroom because it eliminates odors, purifies the air by removing bacteria and leaves a pleasant aroma at the same time. Today’s selection of essential oils offers a limitless combination of blends to diffuse in the bath, the only thing you need to decide what atmosphere you wish to create. When considering what the best essential oil for a bathroom diffuser is, you want to choose one that have cleaning qualities, fights against bacteria and fungi, and leaves either a refreshing or relaxing smell in the room. To get you started, see below my 10 favorites so that you can select a few according to your personal scent preferences!


Lemon essential oil is a jolly-joker that can be used both for aromatherapy and cleaning purposes. It has antiseptic and disinfectant properties and brings a fresh, bright, uplifting aroma that makes people entering the room feel more energetic.

lemon room freshener

It mixes well with lemongrass, peppermint, or bergamot oils.


Eucalyptus is a powerful, fresh uplifting scent that invigorates the senses, this is why if it comes to creating a spa-smelling bathroom at home, this is the essential oil you should consider diffusing.

high-quality eucalyptus oil

Ola Prima high-quality eucalyptus oil

  • therapeutic grade essential oil in UV resistant amber bottle
  • perfect for diffusing
  • good for making lotions, creams, bath bombs and candles too

Eucalyptus oil can help to clear breathing and protect you from infections by purifying the air. It can be mixed with lavender and peppermint oils.


Lavender is probably the most popular diffusor scent for the bathroom thanks to its nice, calming aroma and relaxing properties.

lavender purple flower

A winner for all rooms and all situations in home scenting, so make sure to always keep a few bottles of lander oil at home!

Tea Tree

If you love using natural products in your home, I think there is no need to introduce the tea tree oils that is known as ‘first aid oil’ too thanks to being a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic oil.

tea tree oil

100% natural tea tree oil

  • premium pure oil, with no fillers and additives
  • in UV protective bottle with practical glass dropper
  • bottled in USA

It is a great diffuser oil for bathroom that can be mixed with lavender, cedarwood, clary sage, geranium, lemon, rose, rosemary or bergamot to fill the air with a clean, earthy aroma.

Sweet orange

An uplifting, bright fragrance that will not only set a revitalizing and inspiring atmosphere but also cleans and disinfects the air. Sweet orange is one of the best essential oils for bathroom smells!


If you use to suffer from headache and like to soothe it in natural ways, you probably know how powerful peppermint oil containing products are. This energizing aroma can reduce fatigue too, and reduces the number of bacteria leaving a fresh, minty fragrance behind.

peppermint leaves and oil

Add in some bergamot, eucalyptus, and lemon oil too for the best and lemon oil too for the best and lemon oil too for the best result!


Spearmint is often mentioned as an alternative for peppermint oil, but in fact it is very different because is milder and has a refreshing, but little sweet aroma. These properties make spearmint oil great for kids too.


If you like green fresh aromas, lemongrass is the best essential oil for bathroom diffuser you should get. Its strong yet still stimulating scent fills up the room quickly creating a pleasant ambience to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Organic Essential Oil

USDA Organic Essential Oil

  • 100% pure oil- no additives, no added fragrance and not diluted
  • in premium dark amber glass and with a German dropper
  • multipurpose essential oil – perfect for diffusing

It can be mixed with peppermint and lemon oils too for an even stronger effect.


Pine is one of the most classical bathroom fragrances that is used in air fresheners. But forget about the old toilet sprays that just masked the bad odors and left a synthetic smell behind.

If you choose a good quality pine essential oil to fragrance your bathroom, it will truly clean and deodorize the environment and create a fresh aroma so you can feel like walking in a mountain forest.


Another uplifting, purifying aroma that can be used when creating natural cleaning products such as bathroom sprays, and also beneficial when adding to diffuser blend by making the air freshly smelling.

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