Best Dishcloths For Washing Dishes That Don’t Smell

Keeping your kitchen tidy is much easier with high-quality dish cloths that aren’t going to become a haven for bacteria and mildew so you can maintain high-level hygiene and an odor-free environment in your cooking area. Here I list some of the best dish cloths that don’t smell bad even if you use them for cleaning greasy dishes daily and are easy to keep clean!

Tips to keep your dishcloths from smelling

Dirty dishcloths and stinky kitchen towels are those fabrics in your home that should be cleaned more often in order to prevent bacteria build-up and unpleasant smells. Keeping them separate from your other towels is essential, as well as wringing them out well and drape them flat over a space that allows airflow, such as an expanding towel bar after each use.

spoons and knives drying on a dish cloth

To prevent bad smells, avoid using large, bulky cotton fabrics in the kitchen such as one that you would use in the shower. Too much bulk will be nearly impossible to wring out. Additionally, a cotton facecloth that is designed to wick away impurities will serve to capture food juices and cooking oil, which will quickly turn into an odor-producing nightmare in your kitchen. Choose dishcloths made from lightweight, quick-drying yet absorbing material such as terry cloth, tightly-woven cotton, or microfiber.

Best odor-free dishcloths

SUPERSCANDI Swedish Dish Cloths

The brightly colored SUPERSCANDI Swedish Dishcloths are my top choice if it comes to effective, odor-free dishcloths. These cheerful dishcloths are made of pressed cellulose instead of woven cloth which is not only biodegradable but also super effective since it can absorb 20 times more liquid than its weight! If you’re trying to get away from paper towels, you just found the best material for dishcloths! These sponge cloths dry super-fast so odors won’t build up.

Swedish Dish Cloths

SUPERSCANDI Swedish Dish Cloths

  • biodegradable cellulose sponge cloths with the durability of up to 15 rolls of paper towels
  • super absorbent, fast-drying material made from 70% wood pulp from Fsc-certified Swedish forests
  • perfect for wiping surfaces, washing dishes, and mopping up spills as well as using for the bathroom, pets, car, garden, and office

These Swedish Dish Cloths come 10 in a pack and are 8″ by 7″ square. Each of these biodegradable sponge cloths are designed to last at least 12 weeks and survive up to 200 washings so they are very cost-effective. Use one for twelve weeks and grab a new one while letting the one you just retired dry out completely.

Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths

The nylon Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths are a terrific choice indoors and even outdoors if you like to camp, cook out, or have a galley on your boat. While these dishcloths are not absorbent, they are great at knocking junk off plates, cups and pots and pans. Unless you plan to char your dinner over a nice campfire, cleaning up your cooking pots will be very easy with these 7.5″ by 8″ dishcloths.

Odor-Free Dishcloths

Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths

  • no odor nylon dishcloths that are healthier than sponges or cotton dishcloths because they have less bacteria
  • excellent way of scrubbing dishes, pots, pans, showers and more
  • budget-friendly; last 3 times longer than sponges

Each comes with a hanging hook; just set up your camping clothesline and hang this handy dishcloth or put up a Command hook in your RV or boat to create a convenient drying space. These inherently odor-free dish towels will dry quickly so they stay odor-free even without washing them in the machine.

VeraSong Microfiber Waffle Weave Dish Cloths

The elegant grey VeraSong Microfiber Waffle Weave Dish Cloths is an excellent choice if you’re hand-washing the majority of your dishes. Once it’s fully wet, this cloth will make doing the dishes a breeze, but it can be used as a drying towel and cleaning cloth too.

Kitchen Cleaning Dish Rags

VeraSong Microfiber Kitchen Cleaning Dish Rags

  • lovely waffle pattern multi-purpose kitchen towels that will add style to any kitchen
  • made of 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide; ultra-absorbent, soft, and fast-drying fabric
  • durable and easy-to-clean, machine washable

This 12 by 12 cloth will launder up nicely and help to keep your kitchen smelling nice thanks to the blend of polyester and polyamide that dries out quickly, about in half the time of cotton towels, so you don’t need to worry about odor build-up in the fabric. They can be reused hundreds of times without any problems: you can wash them in the washing machine under 30Celsius and even tumble dry on low heat settings.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Dishcloths

The only real risk you’ll face once you invest in Eco-Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Dishcloths is that they’ll get taken out of your kitchen and use as a facecloth in your private bathroom because they are so nice and stylish! Bamboo fabric These bamboo fabric two-layer dishcloths come in white with a blue border, are remarkably strong and incredibly soft. The weave of these cloths is extremely tight, so they give up stains easily with a steady rinse.

No Odor Reusable Premium Dish Cloths

Reusable Premium Dishcloths & Cleaning Cloths

  • wash towels made of 90% bamboo that are naturally sustainable, soft to the touch, have high absorption and scrubbing power
  • classic design coordinates with most kitchen décor, and matches with your home and kitchen
  • multifunctional use; excellent to dry dishes, cleaning, wiping down bathroom sinks, cleaning mirrors or dusting furniture without scratching

Not only are these come of the best dish cloths that don’t smell, but each time you wash these cloths they become more absorbent. For easy disinfection, they can be treated with bleach and even tumble dry on low heat. Consider getting two packs because I’m sure everyone who will see these in your kitchen will want one too!

Nawrap Binchotan Naturally Anti-Odor Charcoal Dishcloths

These binchotan charcoal infused cloths may be the best antibacterial dishcloths you can invest in. They are naturally anti-odor and come in a wide variety of colors and are different from your typical kitchen cloths. At first use, the fabric feels stiff because of the starch coating that is applied to hold the multiple layers of material together but will get softer and more absorbent each time you use the towel.

Anti-Odor Dishcloths

Nawrap Binchotan Charcoal Anti-Odor Dishcloths

  • traditional Japanese weave binchotan charcoal infused fabric that naturally absorbs odors
  • 6 ply construction for extra absorbency and durability
  • these dishcloths are initially a bit crispy, but will get very soft as you use them

Your Nawrap Binchotan Charcoal Dishcloths start out quite large; about 13.5 inches square but will shrink a bit after washing. Do be aware that these dishcloths are washing machine safe but should not go in the dryer. To keep them as close to the original size as possible, simply soak them in hot water, wring and let them dry.

KinHwa Microfiber Dish Rags

Among the best dish cloths that don’t smell, the KinHwa Microfiber Dish Rags are a terrific choice. These kitchen wash towels have two sides; a sturdy cotton weave paired with a mesh scrubbing cloth. You can wash glass dishware, clean up plates and bowls with a bit of dried-on food still attached using the scrubbing mesh side, and enjoy streak-free flatware thanks to the plush cotton.

Anti-Odor Dishcloths

KinHwa High Absorbent Kitchen Wash Cloths

  • unique two-sided dish rags with mesh scrubbing and ultrasoft microfiber sides
  • multifunctional; excellent for drying, wiping, and any other cleaning tasks
  • highly absorbent, long-lasting and durable product, machine washable and tumble dry low

Thanks to the lightweight and quick-drying microfiber, the chance of odor build-up is almost zero with these KinHwa dish rags. However, do make sure you have a space to drape them to dry completely after using it and wash off any food particles trapped between the mesh and the cotton so you can prevent them from smelling.

EasyTheory Odor Delaying Thick Absorbent Wood Fiber Dish Towels

The wood fibers in the EasyTheory Odor Delaying Dish Towels will make these the lowest fuss and most hygienic dish cloths you’ve worked with. The wood fiber content does a great job of picking up grease, debris, and other contaminants on the first path. Many users find that they can greatly reduce the amount of soap they have to use – this feature makes this product eco-friendly too.

Odor Delaying Absorbent Wood Fiber Dish Cloths

EasyTheory Odor Delaying Absorbent Wood Fiber Dish Cloths

  • grease, stain, and odor-free cleaning towels pack
  • soft and absorbent, great for glass, dishes, appliances and countertops
  • thick and durable material, outlast most microfiber cleaning cloths or scrubs

While this may be the best dishcloth for washing dishes that don’t smell, make sure you have a scrubber nearby to wipe away grime. These dishtowels are fantastic for dishes, glass and even to clean your kitchen appliances and countertop, but not designed to remove ingrained dirt.

Coral Fleece No Odor Reusable Premium Dish Towels

These No Odor Dish Towels are terrific tools for cleaning up fine glassware and getting to a streak-free clean. They are a perfect sponge replacement and are easy to launder. You can also run these cloths through your dishwasher so they can be cleaned in no time. These are also great cloths for washing up your collectibles and display items.

No Odor Reusable Dish Towels

Does Not Shed Fluff No Odor Reusable Dish Towels

  • high-quality coral fleece dish cloths that have a looped outer weave to ensure absorption and scrubbing power
  • excellent to do the dishes, clean appliances, or wipe down counters
  • washable, reusable, durable, and last a long time when compared with cotton dish rags

Each cloth is 7″ by 9″ and there are 24 cloths in each packet made of fluff, soft and absorbent fabric. Made from coral fleece, these dish cloths will provide you with long-lasting productivity while not falling apart or getting stinky.

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