Best Masculine Scented Candles To Choose for Men’s Apartment

Recent world events have made many of us spend a lot of time at home, so lighting a candle is a great way to freshen the air and create ambience. But candles are not just for women anymore! Many men are now discovering the benefits of using home scenting products to enhance their environment with manly aromas. I’ve curated this guide to the best candles for men’s apartment to discover amazing masculine scent combinations!

What are the best masculine candle scents?

The general rule when it comes to fragrances is that light, airy and floral ones are well suited for women, earthy or spicy ones are better for men. Typical masculine candle scents feature aroma notes traditionally found in men’s body care products such as aftershaves, colognes, and perfumes. For example, amber, and oakmoss are one of the most popular scents used in home scenting products for men, but fresh pine and sandalwood notes are also popular.

Gentlemen who love bright and clear fragrances should choose edgy scents with fresh notes, while those who prefer comforting aromas will love richer scent combinations such as tobacco with patchouli or leather with a hint of vanilla. When looking to freshen up your apartment or the perfect birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present for him, have a look at the best masculine scented candles below!

7 Best Candles for Men

Craft & Kin Russian Leather Scented Candle

The very manly black jar design makes this Craft & Kin candle a terrific addition to men’s apartments. It offers a strong, yet cozy and warm fragrance; you may want to simply open it and enjoy the scent before you burn it. Once lit, the wooden wick will release a masculine aroma of bergamot, sandalwood, and leather throughout your home creating a relaxed atmosphere so you can concentrate on your work or just simply enjoy drinking a coffee while reading your favorite book.

Smoke and Vanilla Scented Soy Candle

Craft and Kin Smoke and Vanilla Scented Soy Candle

  • 7.6 oz luxurious scented candle made from natural soy wax and finest essential oils
  • with strong and long-lasting masculine aroma featuring notes of bergamot, sandalwood, and leather
  • stylish black design makes it perfect for men’s home

Made with 100% natural soy wax and blended with the finest essential oils, clean-burning and a lasting, strong scent is guaranteed for up to 45 hours. Coming in luxurious, ready-to-give packaging, this very manly candle makes the perfect gift for any occasion! I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this product and will be buying more!

Manly Indulgence 5 O’Clock Shadow Jar Candle

After a hectic day at work, your space will be easier to relax in once you light a Manly Indulgence 5 O’Clock Shadow Jar Candle that offers a classic, fresh and elegant scent of oak and redwood topped with rosemary and fir and with a hint of mild orange fragrance. With an exceptional aroma and even burn, the thoughtfully crafted Manly Indulgence candles are perfect for anyone looking a balanced masculine blend.

Manly Indulgence 5 O’Clock Shadow Jar Candle

Manly Indulgence 5 O’Clock Shadow Jar Candle

  • classic and fresh masculine fragrance combination of oakmoss, musk, and fresh fir needles capture the essence of the dynamic and desirable man that everyone wants to know or be
  • luxurious product using premium glassware, wax and cotton wicks
  • bestselling candle in the Classic collection by Manly Indulgence, proudly poured in the USA

Coming in an elegant black matte glass jar, these manly scented candles are an ideal addition to any house but especially to a modern man’s apartment. Place it in your living room, your kitchen, or the bath and enjoy the amazing aroma that this candle releases.

CandleTheory Man Cave Stuff Men Candles

The soy candles from Candle Theory feature a wooden wick that offers the crackling of a campfire and mild fragrances, making them some of the best candles for men who wish to create a fireplace-like experience on their next romantic date night or just looking for some high-quality candles to freshen up their man cave.

Scented Candle Gift Set

Candletheory Store Wood Wicks Scented Candle Gift Set

  • variety pack including three, 4-oz 100% natural, non-toxic candle with sophisticated masculine fragrances
  • these candles use the maximum oil concentration possible to deliver an aggressive amount of scent
  • made with patented technology in the form of naturally crackling, rustic wood wicks that pop and crackle while burning, reminiscent of a cozy and soothing fireplace at home

My favorite, the Crackling Wicks Mountain Retreat Gift Set offers mild, yet still very manly fragrances so you can choose one that suits your mood the most. Light up the Spring Meadow to start out a relaxing weekend, the Alpine Spruce when you want to feel like hiking in the mountains or go with the Misty Falls to smell the aroma of fresh clean water coming off the falls! If you can’t decide which manly scented candle to use, light all three for a complex, very natural but masculine scent experience!

Make Life Exclusive Tobacco Vanilla Scented Candle

It is proven that aromas have a powerful effect on the mind and burning scented candles can bring back good memories. If you miss getting together with friends around a campfire or remember the warm, woodsy smell of your grandfather’s pipe or cigar, this is the candle for you.

Tobacco Vanilla Candle

Make Life Exclusive Tobacco Vanilla Candle

  • 100% natural soy candle, infused with premium essential oils, brings a manly confidence with a touch of spice to any room
  • perfect gift for the exceptional man in your life
  • these wood-wick jar candles, tried and tested by men, promise to elevate your home and become a family favorite

If you usually avoid vanilla candles because you think they’re just too sweet for your taste, make an exemption with this one from MAKE LIFE EXCLUSIVE. Blended with tobacco, base, you can expect a comforting aroma experience.

Whenever you need a candle to set the mood for a romantic night or just want to nestle next to the fireplace with a cup of tea, this Tobacco Vanilla candle won’t disappoint! The stylish tin holds 7.6 ounces of soy wax and offers 45 hours of burning time. Packaged in an elegant box, it makes a perfect gift for your husband, friend, or male family member. Or just get it for yourself as a wonderfully smelling home decor treat!

NEST Fragrances Moroccan Amber Candle

This classic NEST Fragrances Moroccan Amber candle offers a very nice compromise of masculine candle scent combinations. It’s got a little patchouli, a bit of amber, a hint of fresh eucalyptus and just a touch of bergamot for a gentle sweetness without anything cloying, making it one of the best candles for men’s apartment.

Classic Candle

NEST Fragrances Moroccan Amber Classic Candle

  • 8.1-ounce decorative scented candle ideal for home relaxation and entertaining
  • with wonderful woody aroma with Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope, bergamot, and a hint of eucalyptus
  • formulated with premium wax to burn cleanly and evenly for 50–60 hours

The NEST jars are a great touch in any house; the simple look of white soy wax in a white frosted stripe jar means that you can settle these candles in anywhere and they will look great. Made from premium wax for the clean burning, this Moroccan Amber candle fill your space with a pleasant manly scent creating a seductive atmosphere you can enjoy alone or with your partner.

Fury Bros. One-Pint Premium Candles Oil Can Design

Go ahead and please your inner pirate with one of the best candles for men’s apartment decor, the Black Beard Fury Bros. One-Pint Vintage-Inspired Oil Can Candles. There is nothing at all feminine about this product, including the packaging choice that looks like a recycled motor oil can instead of some frilly glass. The top two masculine candle scent combinations are gunpowder and charred hickory, so no flowers to worry about, only a pleasant woodsy aroma.

Premium Candles for Men

Fury Bros Store One-Pint Vintage-Inspired Oil Can Design Premium Candles for Men

  • fine soy wax combined with natural oils to create an eco and vegan-friendly candle that’s safe to breathe and smells wonderful
  • subtle sulfuric gunpowder scent with an aged, woodsy aroma
  • coming in a vintage motor oil-like can, the design matches the character of the uniquely crafted men’s fragrance inside

This pint-sized candle will be strong, but not harsh or overpowering. Consider opening it and leaving it unlit for a time before firing it up. When looking for scented candles for men without sacrificing your masculine style, Fury Bros Store definitely has something for you!

Lulu Candles Sexy Man Cologne Scented Candle

One of the best things about the Lulu Candles Sexy Man Cologne Scented Candle is that it is very subtle. It is an ideal minimalist choice poured in a clear glass jar with a black label, white lettering, and a black lid. No fuss, great fragrance, this elegant candle with just a hint of cologne aroma is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a pleasant, but not too strong masculine scented candle.

Sexy Man Candle With Cologne Scent

Lulu Candles Sexy Man Candle With Cologne Scent

  • eco-friendly soy wax candle that smells like men’s cologne
  • vegan, paraben and cruelty-free product made with eco-friendly soy wax and quality fragrances
  • minimalist design, that fit any and every design

Lulu candles are known for being one of the longest burning in the market with fragrances you can actually smell. Being handcrafted in the US, by purchasing this candle you’ll not only get a high-quality product but also support the economy by generating employment for many people.

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