Best Mildew and Mold Resistant Shower & Bathtub Mats

Using a mat placed on the floor of the shower or in the bottom of a bathtub is the best way to prevent slipping while getting in or out, but due to constantly getting wet and coming into contact with dirt and residue from soap and shampoo, these bathroom coverings tend to start to build up mildew and odors quickly. To avoid such issues, a bath mat that doesn’t mold and smell is the solution!

LuxurYou Mildew and Mold Resistant Non-Slip Bathtub And Shower Mat

This mildew-resistant bathtub mat is a perfect choice for your bathroom due to its non-toxic composition. It consists of eco-friendly polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a combination of polypropylene and rubber that is more durable. It is also free of phthalate, latex, and Bisphenol-A that making it safe for everyday use. Thanks to the suction cups, it will increase safety as skidding or slipping is preventable, while the easy-to-dry construction with tiny drain holes helps the mat dry faster to prevent mold from growing on and under it.

Mildew and Mold Resistant Shower Floor Mat

LuxurYou Non Slip Mildew and Mold Resistant Shower Floor Mat with Suction Cups

  • made of premium eco-friendly TPE/PP materials, with strong suction cups to prevent skidding
  • superb textured surface with a slip-resistant pattern that massages your feet
  • easy rinse and dry construction to help keep the mat clean and dry

Your feet will enjoy the gentle massage as you shower, an effect of the slip-resistant textured pattern, making your shower pleasurable each day. Plus, the LuxurYou anti mold bath mat will not only prevent mildew build-up but also odor forming keeping your bathroom fresh smelling. With its modern design and beautiful color combinations, this shower or bathtub mat will be a stylish addition to any bathroom making it look modern yet cozy.

Asvin Soft Textured Bath Shower Tub Mat

If you are looking for the best mildew-resistant shower mat that is not only very functional but also aesthetically appealing, then the Asvin shower/tub mat might be the best choice! It is made from hollowed PVC that makes it super practical; water can pass through the material easily allowing quick drying and like this prevents residue build-up and molding. The soft-touch finish ensures comfort too.

Quick Drying Bath Shower and Tub Mat

Asvin Quick Drying Bath, Shower and Tub Mat

  • high-quality PVC mat uses anti-slip layer that is more comfortable than hard and cold ordinary bathroom mats
  • soap scum-resistant and quick-dry design that won’t scuff or leave residue on re-glazed tubs
  • available in three sizes, can be cut into any size and shape using scissors

Although this mat is suction cup-free, it won’t move on wet surfaces since an anti-slip layer is added to the bottom of it. Therefore, it can’t be used for bathing in a bathtub but is an excellent choice for showering. Also, it is machine washable for convenient cleaning.

Available in three sizes and five beautiful colors, it fits any bathroom design and are suitable for household and business settings, such as hotels or gyms. This product is especially recommended in homes with kids or elderly when safety and practical properties such as non-slipping, comfort, quick drying and easy cleaning are crucial.

SlipX Solutions Antimicrobial Shower Mat/Bathtub Mat

SlipX Solutions is a well-known brand offering quality bath essentials with Microban Antimicrobal Technology such as mold-resistant shower curtains and bathroom mats. With built-in active ingredients, silver ion and zinc pyrithione, this technology prevents the growth of bacteria, stain accumulation as well and mildewing helping you to maintain hygiene and to stop your bathroom smell musty.

Bubble Bath Mat with Microban Protection

SlipX Solutions Clear Bubble Bath Mat with Microban Protection

  • a bath mat that combines style, optimal drainage, and reliable slip-resistance
  • with built-in Microban protection that protects against the growth of stain- and odor-causing mold, and mildew
  • extra-long coverage, oval shape design, available in clear and blue colors

With fifteen inches by thirty-five inches, this microban bath mat offers an extra coverage area. Over 200 suction cups ensure that it will stay in place but will still pull up easily so you can simply rinse and hang it after use. If it requires to be deep cleaned, just simply put it in the machine with your everyday laundry.

ENKOSI Antibacterial Non Slip Bathtub & Shower Mat

The ENKOSI non-slip mat provides 360-degree protection with 200 large, well-placed suction cups for optimum sticking potential, whether in or out of the bathtub. Its gigantic 40″ by 16″ size helps avoid unintentional falls making it extremely suitable for the elderly, toddlers and small children.

Large Non-Slip Bathmat

ENKOSI Extra Large Non-Slip Bathmat

  • premium manufacture bathmat, made of top standard anti-slip material with 200 well-placed suction cups for maximum sticking capacity
  • extra large to protectively hug your bathtub floor and prevent accidental falls
  • BPA, latex, and phthalate-free, non-smelling anti-mildew material

This anti-fungal shower mat will keep your bathroom fresh smelling; it is made of mildew-resistant materials and can be machine washed to maintain it sanitary and cleanliness. Available in 28 various colors, the ENKOSI sleek and robust ergonomic bath mat will complement any bathroom’s décor!

YINENN Non Slip Machine Washable Bathroom Mat with Drain Holes

You don’t need to give up on comfort for safety with the YINENN bathtub and shower mat. While most non-slip bathroom mats are rigid and have either plastic or rubber-like feel on the skin, this product is cushiony and very comfortable to step on. Its unique design features 202 drainage holes that ensure quick water run-off, help repel soap residues that might cause slips and prevent stain and mildew development. Made from TPE material which is not only latex, BPA and phthalate-free but also recyclable, it is environment friendly too.

Shower Mat Non Slip with Suction Cups

YINENN Bathtub/Shower Mat Non Slip with Suction Cups

  • bathroom mat made from recyclable and environment-friendly, BPA-phthalate and latex-free non-smelling materials
  • with 202 drainage holes for fast water runoff to ensure that this mat resists the growth of stain, mold, and odor
  • foldable design, convenient to carry and keep, machine washable for easy cleaning

The mat is extra-large (40″ x 16″) but still convenient to store when not in use thanks to its folding design, moreover, is easy to clean; you can simply put it into the washing machine to save time and free your hands. To keep it hygienic, free of odors and mildew, after each usage rinse the mat and stick it to the wall or the bathtub to let it dry.

AquaTeak Teak Bath Shower Mat

Those who are looking for a bath mat that doesn’t mold but is very stylish at the same time should consider investing in this product from AquaTeak. Made from 100 percent sustainably harvested solid teak wood and stainless-steel non-corroding hardware, it is durable and naturally water-resistant so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Grate Teak Bath Shower Mat

AquaTeak The Original Grate Teak Bath Shower Mat

  • sustainably harvested 100% solid teak wood shower Mat
  • naturally water-resistant and durable, all stainless-steel non-corroding hardware
  • superior design, has been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine

This handcrafted teak shower mat is an ideal addition to your bathroom giving it a luxurious touch but still very functional by providing extra stability thanks to its gripping rubber feet. Although you can’t put this bathmat in the washing machine, it is still easy to clean; just scrub it with a non-abrasive sponge using warm water and gentle liquid soap.

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