About Me

Hi, my name is Anett and I am crazy about keeping my environment and belongings good-smelling 🙂


Aromas and scents have been part of my life since I was a kid. I could not stay in any environment for a long time where there is a general bad smell, or something stinks so I started to learn about how to get rid of odors and make my home fresh smelling at a very young age. I read books, participated in trainings, attended aroma courses, and was fascinated by how fragrances, scents, and aromas affect us, our mood, and technically, our whole life.

Quickly I realized that making your home smell good is not just about placing candles, air fresheners, and diffusers all over the place but rather a complex science where small everyday things, such as tackling odors with the right ingredients, storing our belongings the right way and choosing good quality air fresheners contribute to the success. Along this way, I’ve tried dozens of products, and developed numerous tricks so today I can say that I have a solution for (almost) all smelly situations!

Over time, I got many feedback from my family members and friends who entered my house (even if it was just a rental apartment), used my guest room, or just borrowed a cardigan from me on a chilly evening saying:” Hmmm, it smells good! How do you do it? What is your secret?”

Such compliments inspired me to start publishing my cleaning and scenting tips online.

I am glad you found my site and hope my content will help you make your home smell amazing!

If you need help or have questions, message me and I’m happy to help if I can!